Honest Aromas

In 2015 I became a certified aromatherapist and began Honest Aromas. I love working with clients to craft aromatherapy blends that are perfectly suited to individual health needs! I also love sharing my struggles and victories with you through my blog on honestaromas.com to encourage and support you on your journey!

5 out of 5 stars!! An Amazing Company with an ethical and well-educated owner. You can’t go wrong using anything created by Julia!
— Liz Fulcher- Owner of Aromatic Wisdom Institute.

Ashley’s experience

I met Julie at a vendor/craft show in the summer and loved the allergy/sinus inhaler. I finally needed a new one, so i decided to get the 3-pack listed on her website (sinus/allergy relief, migraine relief, & insomnia relief). Not only was shipping cheap and very quick, Julia sent an extra re-focus inhaler as well as a reimbursement for shipping! Thank you so much!! Would recommend to anyone looking to try something natural instead of pharmaceutical meds.


Paul’s Reaction

When the customers of my store are looking at Honest Aromas products, I grab a bottle of Calm Down and Lighten UP and say, "I use this and this sh*t works!"

Paul Hess- Owner of PHenergi


Rita’s Story

An old friend, Rita, contacted me asking for a consultation. She had recently been diagnosed with some pre-cancerous skin cells, and right away she fell in love with our Clear and Healthy Face Skin Blend. She loved how it healed her skin, reduced damage, and was an overall more natural approach to the health of her skin.

Unfortunately, several months after her initial visit to us, Rita broke her ankle. She immediately sought us out for help once she started the healing process. Because we were able to do a one-on-one consultation, I could tweak an essential oil blend especially for her, using the higher-end essential oils and a Trauma Trio carrier to craft something perfect for her mending ankle.

Now we have an ongoing business relationship with Rita. She loves her personalized blend and reorders it regularly. It’s helped speed her healing process and soothe the pain, damage, and discomfort of a broken joint. She loves that aromatherapy doesn’t only help one specific area of the body, but rather supports its entirety. She regularly recommends our products and services to friends and coworkers.