The journey to wholeness


Life’s journey has many disorienting twists and turns that, many times, leave us confused. Has something recently got your attention and you are realizing that you need to make a major shift?

No matter how you found yourself here, I can help you navigate and journey with you on your path of wholeness.


Along the road your steps may stumble, your thoughts may start to stray, but through it all a heart held humble, levels and lights your way.
— Dan Fogleberg

Julia Allman

My name is Julia,  and I am walking this road of wholeness with you.



I work with individuals and couples struggling with marriage issues, separation, failure, transitions or just feeling stuck in life.

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Begin Your Journey

Not sure where to start? Let's begin with a simple conversation about what you're struggling with and come up with a plan to discover your life beyond the pain.

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